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Spirit Energy

About the Lifestream and Spirit Energy.

The Lifestream is not much diffrent from spirit energy. In fact the lifestream is just the river of spirit energy that runs throughout the planet. In Bugenhagens machine he explains the importance of spirit energy. He explains that when a person dies their spirit energy returns to the planet. New lives are blessed with spirit energy. Spirit energy also heals the planet. When there is a wound to the planet it is drawn immeaditly there to heal it. It keeps the tree's and plants and the planet alive itself, Bugenhangen demonstrates what happnes when all the spirit energy is taken from the planet....the planet falls apart and dies.



Now you can see the problem with Shin-Ra taking all the energy and converting it into Mako Energy. When there is no more spirit energy the planet will die. Spirit energy that has been converted into mako energy can never return to spirit energy again.


The Lifsteam ....

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