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Favorite Area's

My favorite area's in the game.

My most favorite aera's are The Temple of the Ancients, The City of the Ancients, and Nibleheim. The two ancient places I like a lot because major events happen there or plot twists. In Nibleheim major events take place too.

The Temple of the Ancients
I like this part because the temple is a really cool place. It is a goldish color outside and inside. This is the place that you meet Sephiroth at and he tells you about his plan to summon Meteor in the room with the pictures on the walls. These pictures show Meteor being summoned. This temple actually is the black materia, when you take the modle the temple shrinks and collapses untill it is the black materia. Also in this temple you fight the Red Dragon and Demons Gate boss.

City of the Ancients/
I like the City of the Ancients because it is pretty. It is made entirely of crystals and has water around it. However this is the place where Sephiroth kills Aeris and where you fight Jenova-Life.

Nibleheim is cool because that is the town Sephiroth burnt down and it also has the manison where you find Vincent at in it. You dont do too much here except for it is shown in flashbacks and you can fight Lost Number to get the key that unlocks the door in the basement of the manison, and get Vincent.

Just a hint: To get vincent you have to unlock a safe that contains the key. The code is...Right 36 Left 10 Right 59 Right 97

..everything you wanted to know