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Information About Them

He was a former member of soldier but quit that job and became an ex-soldier in order to help save the planet from shin-ra's bad ways. The reason he went off to Midgar to join soldier in the first place was because he wanted to be just like The Great Sephiroth who was a first class soldier commander. He was friends with Sephiroth and looked up to him all untill the day Sephiroth went evil.

Additional Info:
Hometown: Nibleheim
Age: 21
Height: 5'7
Weapon: Buster Sword (this is the weapon he begins with although he goes through a series of swords)
Birth-Day: August 19th
Blood Type: AB

His attitude seems to be very cocky and his anger towards Sephiroth winds him into some conflicts within his self.

Also a former soldier and he was a 1st Rank General..a position held by very few people. His past is a hard one to find out, having been raised by Hojo. However no one can mistake who he is with his black cape, bright mako green eyes and long silver hair. He led Cloud on his first soldier mission to Nibleheim ..which was to be his last.

Height: 6'1
Weapon: Masamune (this sword is 8 feet in length)

Sephiroth is the only one capable of weilding the Masamune blade,

Thats not all I have to say about Sephiroth and the past. In fact Im putting a whole page for that, but e-mail me if you have questions....

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