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The Story

What is going on?

The story starts off with Cloud as an ex-soldier from shin-ra who decides to join a group named AVALANCHE. Their purpose is to protect the world. The shin-ra have built Mako Reactors that are sucking the life from the planet for energy. After destroying a few the team finds out that a man named Sephiroth is back and has killed president shin-ra. Soon after this the whole story flips. Cloud will go back into his past with Sephiroth and how he used to work with him and what Sephiroth then turned into. After this they discover he is the threat and that Cloud wants and needs to kill him. As you travel on your scearch for him you run into diffrent towns and meet diffrent people, Also you find out more and more about Clouds past and Sephiroths plans which you need to stop.,

There is deeper content on some of the above subjects mentioned throughout the site.


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