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The Future

Just for fun theory

Could this game be a glimpse of the future of our world....?

Theory: With all the pollution we have going on now we're already destroying the planet. Someone could just as easily discover a lifestream type thing while digging for natural resources. Then someone could invent a factory like a reactor to harvest it and form it into a mako type substance. A scientist could then use it in experiments and such. So you see how this game reflects partially to our own planet.

Have theories of your own? If you'd like to say anything e-mail me at or contact me through msn, to add me you need to add but do not e-mail me as that one. Thank you.I'll put up whatever you want to say on this page if you have a thoery for it. ^^

Remember any theories you submit dont have to be fact come up with anything you want to.

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